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Total Annihilation Скачать

Total Annihilation Скачать

Total Annihilation – это два пакета расширений: The Core Contingency 28 апреля 1998 г. и Battle Tactics 30 июня 1998 г. После закрытия Cavedog Entertainment в 1999 г. защищенное нововведение перешло в Infogrames (в настоящее время Atari).

Total Annihilation на данный момент официально не поддерживается из-за заключения Cavedog. Предыдущий ведущий создатель Крис Тейлор продолжил работу над Gas Powered Games, чтобы сделать Supreme Commander в 2007 году, думая о «потусторонней замене» Total Annihilation. Создатели XTA, мода для Total Annihilation, бесплатно создали движок игры Spring в 3D-иллюстрациях с открытым исходным кодом.

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Проект Total Annihilation 3D был начат в 2006 году. Другие бывшие участники Cavedog, в том числе Total Annihilation, дизайнер двигателей Джон Мейвор, позже приступили к созданию Planetary Annihilation в 2014 году, еще одной игры в этом направлении, как Total Annihilation.

Total Annihilation Скачать Системные требования

минимальные системные требования

  • Процессор: четырехъядерный процессор
  • СКОРОСТЬ ЦП: Информация
  • Оперативная память: 8 ГБ
  • ОС: Windows 7 64 бит
  • ВИДЕОКАРТА: Shader 3.0 / OpenGL 3.2 +, 1 ГБ оперативной памяти GPU

рекомендованные системные требования

  • Процессор: четырехъядерный процессор
  • СКОРОСТЬ ЦП: Информация
  • Оперативная память: 12 ГБ
  • ОС: Windows 7 64 бит
  • ВИДЕОКАРТА: выделенный графический чип (не интегрирован) / OpenGL 3.2+, 1 ГБ ОЗУ графического процессора

Total Annihilation Скачать схему

Total Annihilation is set in the far future amidst a galactic conflict, with fights occurring on the outside of planets and moons. The endeavors of the player are focused on building a cautious base and a hostile power and overcoming rivals.

The player is additionally worried about get-together assets, observation and covertness, and assessment of units and landscape. Fights happen against AI in a story-driven mission, with the alternative of playing against different parts in a clash mode. The Commander is an incredible and indispensable unit that has various remarkable capacities, for example, a destructor weapon that disintegrates anything it hits, the capacity to utilize shrouding and get undetectable, and the capacity to go through waterways.

Development is administered by the owner of the game’s two limitless assets, Metal and Energy, and can be embraced by plants or portable development units. Each unit has a place with a degree of innovation (tech level); the higher the level, the further developed the unit and the more assets and accordingly the time needed to build it.

An element of the game is the capacity to handily “line” the numerous orders for a unit or gathering of units, with sorts of orders including watching a course, building a protective gathering of constructions, and assaulting adversary units. When provided its orders, the unit will go about them naturally subsequently limiting the requirement for the player’s thoughtfulness regarding little, monotonous undertakings.

Total Annihilation Скачать Особенности

  • Completely expressed 3D units and structures, with a different supplement of unit types — for instance, airplane, land and/or water capable tanks, infantry bots (kbots), vehicles, air cushion vehicle, ships, submarines, unit creation industrial facilities, incredible fixed protections, and long-range weapons. A novel following component permits players to follow single units, whole armed forces, or even shots across the scene.
  • The genuine 3D landscape that units can move over, into, and around, on extra-enormous 3D-produced maps. TA runs easily in high goals and surprisingly on current double screen arrangements, so players can see a greater amount of the combat zone.
  • Various world sorts to do fight on, like prairies, woodlands, deserts, archipelagos, vast water, magma, metal, ice, gem, corrosive, and even moons.
  • Itemized and energizing efforts that emphasize on their separate side’s chiefs, the Commanders. The accounts of either the Core or the Arm start with a push to protect the hero’s homeworld and start a defining moment in the conflict, trailed by a rustic Empyrean or the Core’s counterfeit Jupiter Brain universe of Core Prime. Mission destinations incorporate securing a fundamental construction or zone, catching a significant foe unit, or just disposing of all foe units. All the more remarkable units and weapons are progressively opened all through the missions after explicit missions or occasions.
  • Single-player clash fights and full multiplayer support, permitting players to watch and join fights, and structure associated groups to share assets, data, and units.
  • Exceptionally progressed weaponry, including lasers, energy automatic rifles (EMGs), starburst rockets, plasma shells, lightning heartbeats, paralyzers, and atomic warheads.
  • Factors like gravity, tides, and wind upset the adequacy of certain weapon types or improve asset creation.
  • Knowledge measures to recognize or stick for units utilizing radar and sonar, the capacity to shroud or give secrecy safeguarding to units, and the way to restore obliterated units from their wreckages.
  • Throughout the long term, the TA people group hosts made in a real sense a large number of third-gathering units and many guides to modify a player’s TA experience. Various utilities, missions, mods, and groups have likewise been made to rebalance or thoroughly convert the game; large numbers of these units are as yet in serious on the web and clash play today.

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