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Dungeon Keeper Download

Dungeon Keeper Download

Dungeon Keeper is a methodology computer game created by Bullfrog Productions and delivered by Electronic Arts in June 1997 for MS-DOS and Windows 95. In Dungeon Keeper, the player assembles and deals with prison, shielding it from attacking ‘saint’ characters plan on taking amassed treasures, murdering beasts, and at last the player’s downfall.

A definitive objective is to vanquish the world by annihilating the chivalrous powers and opponent prison guardians in every domain. A character is known as the Avatar (looking like the Avatar from Ultima VIII: Pagan) shows up as the last legend. Prison Keeper utilizes Creative Technology’s SoundFont innovation to improve its air. Multiplayer with up to four players is upheld utilizing a modem, or over a nearby organization.

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Prison Keeper took more than two years to create, and an extension pack, a Direct3D variant, and a level proofreader were delivered. Halfway through the turn of events, lead designer Peter Molyneux chose to leave Bullfrog when the game was finished, which was the inspiration for its prosperity. Adaptations for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation were being developed yet dropped.

Dungeon Keeper Download System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 486DX4/100
  • RAM: 8MB
  • GPU: DirectX(TM) 3
  • OS: DOS 6.22 / Windows 95
  • Store: 17MB

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 133
  • RAM: 16MB
  • GPU: 2MB RAM
  • OS: DOS 6.22 / Windows 95

Dungeon Keeper Download Outline

The game got basic approval, with analysts lauding the uniqueness and profundity. Prison Keeper was re-delivered on in 2011, and on Origin in 2016. A fan-made mod, KeeperFX, was delivered, which fixes bugs and adds highlights. Prison Keeper was trailed by a spin-off, Dungeon Keeper 2, in 1999, and impacted games, for example, Lego Rock Raiders and Ghost Master.

The player builds and deals with prison, selecting and cooking for cronies to run it and protect it from adversary intruders. The essential strategy for control in the hand used to get animals and items in the prison, heft them around, and drop them. The hand permits the player to ‘slap’ animals and protests, and communicate with them. Prison Keeper’s interactivity epitomizes a dull awareness of what’s actually funny.

The Dungeon Heart addresses the Keeper’s connection to the world. On the off chance that it is obliterated, the player loses. Alongside the heart, the player starts with few devils, the conventional labor force for prison exercises: they delve burrows into the encompassing soil, catch adversary rooms and Portals, mine gold and jewels, and set snares. Demons are gotten by utilizing the Create Imp spell.

Slapping animals constrains them to work quicker incidentally, however, eliminates a portion of their wellbeing. Gold is gotten fundamentally by burrowing Gold Seams, and Gem Seams give a limitless stock, however takes more time to collect. To arrange for the devils to burrow a tile, the player needs to signal the tile. All through the game, a “tutor” will prompt the player as to different happenings and issues inside the prison, as a vile voiceover.

Dungeon Keeper Download Features

  • A NEFARIOUS ARMY AT YOUR SERVICE!: From Trolls to Bile Demons, Mistresses, and Warlocks – send your multitude of baddies and release extraordinary assaults to annihilate the opposition.
  • TIME TO GET DOWN: Expand your safeguards to defeat trespassers with expertly laid snares and prison plans. Fabricate rooms like the dungeon or dull library to give assailants some difficult and stunning astonishments.
  • IT’S GOOD TO BE BAD: Assault for prisons and loot their assets. Send your powers and face spike traps, guns, toxic spores and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Such a large number of foes? Transform them into chickens! Expert the Hand of Evil™ to release pulverizing spell assaults.
  • Damages SO GOOD: A few cronies need more… inspiration than others. Slap your Imps to make them work quicker.
  • Unite – THERE’S POWER IN NUMBERS: Structure societies with players from around the globe. Your new partnerships let you share flunkies, increment asset age and acquire restrictive organization accomplishments.
  • Customize YOUR DEVICE WITH DUNGEON KEEPER: Set your ringtone to the Dungeon Keeper rap to intrigue your companions and jam out.

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